Kitesurfing more than a sport , for us it´s a lifestyle

From the first time you practice this sport opens a new world before you, Kitesurfing is a sport that you can practice throughout your life, it gives you the possibility to do it alone or to be able to share it as a family, because children can also practice it. You will meet other people of different nationalities in a healthy environment in total contact with nature. You will become a wind seeker!

Our kitesurfing destinations are those of warm waters and incredible landscapes, with the best wind conditions. We also advise you according to your level and season of the year that you can travel, if that's what you are looking for you are in the right place, read on...


Organize kite trips for learning and/or practicing kiteboarding and offer kite lessons, selecting the best time of the season. We gather a team of local professionals in each destination, establishing strategic business relationships. All of these, highlighted by the quality of our services and personalized attention.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Promote the sport of kiteboarding.

  • Practice responsible tourism, wich means that we do it taking care of the environment and also generating social and economic benefits.

  • Promote related brands to this sport.

  • Contribute to the kitesurfing community to grow.

  • Have fun promoting a healthy lifestyle .

  • Build partnership with locals in order to promote the destination to visit.




The Riviera Maya is a privileged place to learn kitesurfing. Every year we can see more kitesurfers in the water!The Riviera Maya has a variety of spots depending on what you prefer, all with crystal clear and warm water.

  • Wind season: November to June .

  • Wind: Daily average of 13 to 21 knots.

  • Average air temp. 29°C to 35°C

  • Average water temp. 27°C

The winds from the north are more frequent from January to February, when the weather and water temperature will drop to 20°C approximately and the wind increases up to 26 knots.

Apart from our services of kitesurfing we also offer tours in case you have some day of no wind or you want to know more about this beautiful Caribbean paradise and its kindness. Our tours are carefully selected to complement the experience of your trip.



This destination is certainly one of the best. The N.E coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean between the state of Ceara and Piaui, offers constant and guaranteed wind every day. More than 300kms where the wind always blows and you can go on downwind and / or trucks on roads surrounded by sea, dunes and palm trees. Sleep in front of the beach , near lagoons with the perfect conditions to practice freestyle or get started in this sport.  Nowadays, this destination, has become one of the favorites for professionals to train.

 The nearest international airport is Fortaleza and the transfers are made in private chauffeured 4x4.

  • Wind season: July to February .

  • Wind Cumbuco: daily average of 16 to 22 knots

  • Wind Jericoacoara: daily average of 20 to 26 knots (30 to 35 knots often happens)

  • Average air temp. 29°C to 35°C

  • Average water temp. 27°C



A country endowed with immeasurable natural beauty, creole flavor and good wind. It offers several spots to practice or learn kiteboard: Margarita Island, Coche Island, Los Roques and Adícora beside others.


This island is located in the Caribbean Sea. A few kilometers from the airport, you arrive to Playa El Yaque, a spot recognized as the 5th best in the world by windsurfers who discovered and today it’s a cradle of world champions. From there we can visit other spots around: La Restinga, Macanao and El Guamache. Even cross kiting or by boat to Coche Island, just 12 kms away from the coast. 

  • Wind season: November to May .
  • Wind :daily average of 16 to 26 knots.
  • Average air temp. 23°C to 27°C.
  • Average water temp. 25°C.


This Island is paradise for progress or learn kiteboarding. Great space to kite in flat water, constant wind, white sand beachfront accommodation. At the kite spot our friends from Coche Kite Sports have the perfect place to chill out with all the comfort you need. The wind it’s offshore but no worries there it’s always a boat in case you need to be rescue.

  • Wind season: November to May .
  • Wind :daily average of 16 to 26 knots.
  • Average air temp. 23°C to 27°C.
  • Average water temp. 27°C.


This destination has become a favorite in Venezuela worldwide. Declared a national park, this archipelago of more than 100 small islands is a paradise for kite surfing. After a 45 minutes flight from Caracas you arrive on the main island called Gran Roque. On this island its concentrate the majority of his habitants, services and accommodation , the rest of the archipelago are mostly virgin islands to which you arrived by boat or catamaran.

  • Wind season: November to June .
  • Wind :daily average of 15 to 21 knots.
  • Average air temp. 25°C to 27°C.
  • Average water temp. 27°C.


Because of its location on the Peninsula of Paraguana it’s considered one of the windiest spots. The "side -onshore" East winds - Northwest are constant all year long. You will get to meet a community of friendly locals and tourist oriented specifically to kitesurf

After a journey by car between dunes and arid landscapes from the airport of Las Piedras you reach this destination, a folk village of small streets with variety of places to stay, schools and restaurants to cater visitors whom come to enjoy the wind and the tranquility of the place

  • Windy season: All year.
  • Wind: Daily average from February to September 22 to 27 knots.From October to January 11 to 15 knots.
  • Average air temp.: 28°C to 34°C.
  • Average water temp.: 27°C

Tours around the Riviera Maya

No wind,no cry! Mexico's Riviera Maya provides a stunning backdrop for some incredible adventures.



Enjoy the majestic natural beauty with virgin beaches of Isla Contoy and the famous Isla Mujeres where you will know not only its beaches but also its shops. Both beaches with crystalline water and white sand.



Live the incredible experience of snorkeling with turtles in their natural habitat and in an unusual system of underground rivers of the Yucatan peninsula that is entered by underground cenotes. It will undoubtedly be a day to remember.



For those who like to visit the culture, this guided tour of the Mayan city in Tulum will be fascinating. It is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites for its location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. After exploring and getting to know this city, you will visit a small Mayan community in the jungle. This community to this day maintains ancestral traditions. After living this cultural exchange we will walk to a refreshing cenote of crystalline waters to take a bath



We offer you the opportunity to share traditions with a Mayan community, to know through the coexistence of past and present in their environment retired from civilization. You will participate in a temazcal ceremony, bathe a cenote in the light of the moon, and delight in its gastronomy

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Mexico offers a diverse dive-site portfolio for scuba divers, from big-animal encounters to western Caribbean coral reefs. Riviera Maya is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. Parallel to the coast you find the Mesoamerican Reef the largest in the Northern Hemisphere and after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia the longest of the planet. With the island of Cozumel at a stone’s throw you can just about imagine what a great dive destination Riviera Maya is! If you are why not enjoy it!

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